All you need to know before your son starts at Archbishop Hanna High School

How Does the Placement Process Work?
    1.    Initial contact is made from an interested family member or at times from the boy himself. School counselors, therapists or clergy may also recommend our program. Initial contact is generally made through a phone call, email, letter or fax.
    2.    After the initial contact with one of Hanna’s counselors, families are invited to tour the campus with their child. Tours are given every Monday and Friday at 1 p.m. (excluding holidays). Please call to confirm tour time beforehand. The tour includes a full explanation of the Hanna program. The tour runs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., sometimes longer.
    3.    Following the tour, if the boy is interested in enrollment, he must write a letter to Brian Farragher, Hanna’s Executive Director, expressing his interest and why he feels the program would benefit him and his family.
    4.    Upon receipt of the letter, an application for admission is mailed to the boy’s family.
    5.    The Admissions Department reviews the application to determine the immediacy of the boy’s specific circumstances and his educational needs. During the evaluation, the boy and his family are requested to keep in touch with the Admissions Coordinator by phone, email, or in writing.
    6.    When an enrollment opportunity becomes available, a formal and comprehensive interview with Mr. Farragher and the Admissions Committee is arranged with the youngster and his family.
    7.    If a boy is accepted, he must make a commitment to stay in the program for two full school semesters.
    8.    Admission is approved and a date is scheduled for youngster’s arrival.

“How much tuition will I have to pay?"
Tuition is based on a family’s ability to pay. No boy is ever turned away from our program because of financial reasons.

In a year’s time, we receive over 400 calls and letters inquiring about possible enrollment opportunities. Because of the overwhelming need for our services, the application and interview process is designed to identify boys and families who will benefit most from the Hanna program and are motivated to change.

In order for a youngster to be considered for enrollment, there must be a need for an out-of-home placement. Factors include poor school attendance; failing grades; social and emotional problems; family difficulties; and behavior problems. The boy and his family must make a personal commitment to work in the program, and the boy must express a strong interest and desire to be at Hanna before an application for admission is mailed.