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AD(H)D - A "Cheat Sheet"
A quick guide to the major types of AD(H)D.

Several great resources with training & information regarding behavior management.

This is a great resource, especially for new teachers, on working with students with learning disabilities.  Their module on Understanding the Acting Out Cycle is pretty good (a little cheesy at first – just skip to the “Perspectives & Resources” part).  

A national center out of Vanderbuilt & Claremont University, this site offers a treasure trove of information, training, videos, etc to help students learn & teachers teach.

A summary of Rethinking Homework: Rethinking Practices that Support Diverse Needs, by Cathy Vatterott.  Kind of a Cliffs Notes version for teachers.

A great illustration of how self-control can impact student outcomes.

A lovely "cheat sheet" to the basics of academic writing.