Contact & Visit Information

AHHS encourages parents and members of the community to contact us and visit our school. Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.

If you’re planning a visit, please check in with our front office upon arrival. In the interest of student safety and security, we must know if you are planning to be on school property during school hours.

More about Mr. Jackson:     My name is Courtney Jackson and I am the Co-Principal of Archbishop Hanna High School. I have proudly worked for this organization for over two decades, in which I have been able to serve well over 1000 young men in a few different capacities. I started off as a Youth Counselor in Mt. Carmel. After a year of service in the cottage, I was fortunate to be hired on as a Recreational Specialist where I served in that role for 14 years. With great trepidation, I decided that a new challenge was needed so I made the jump to the classroom where I taught eighth grade Social Studies, high school World History and U.S. History, and Leadership. After years of teaching, I was tapped as the new Dean of Students. As our school was transitioning to a new educational model, my role changed once more as I was assigned to the job of the Assistant Principal. Due to the aforementioned work assignments, it is my belief that I am ready for this latest venture as one of two school leaders charged with the task of running the overall, day-to-day operations of our school. My Co-Principal David Yale and I look forward to bringing new and exciting opportunities to our teaching staff. Our goal is to make sure that the experience of the boys who enter our school is one that is rich in culture, takes pride in its academic rigor, and most importantly, produces fine young men who are ready to take on the world and its many challenges. I have an open door policy that I would like to extend to anyone who is in need of information about our school or your child. Below you will find a myriad of ways to reach me.



Email:            (student use only)

Phone #:              707-996-6767 x 587

Alt. Phone #:      707-933-2587

Cell Phone #       707-721-4296

School Office:    707-996-6767 x560

More about Mr. Yale:     M