Curriculum & Instruction

On the following pages, you will find the academic content standards for various curricular areas. All content standards meet or exceed the California State Standards.

A content standard is a broad learning expectation - often stated as a school-wide or grade-level expectation. A school-wide content standard could be "Students identify and use the arithmetic properties of subsets of integers, rational, irrational, and real numbers. This includes closure properties for the four basic arithmetic operations where applicable." A grade level content standard could be "Students use and interpret variables, mathematical symbols and properties to write and simplify expressions and sentences."

A performance standard is a subset of the content standard and defines the learner expectation at a learning unit level, and sometimes grade level. A unit-level performance standard could be "Students will interpret and evaluate mathematical expressions that use parentheses," or "Students will use and interpret formulas (e.g., Area = length times width or A = lw) to answer questions about quantities and their relationships."

Content standards describe broad learning topics such as mathmetical operations. Performance standards break that concept up into smaller, measurable learning experiences like "Division of whole numbers" and may be further broken down into smaller, grade/topic specific standards like "dividing a four digit number by a two digit number."

Diocesan schools all use the same content standards, but develop their own performance standards to meet the needs of their local community. Local school performance standards are not published on this web site. Contact the local Catholic school to review their performance standards.

PLEASE NOTE: Diocesan content standards exceed the California State standards. Our learner expectations are more rigorous than the State requires of its schools. All of our elementary and secondary schools are accredited by both the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is the organization that accredits all colleges and universities as well as public and private secondary schools.