Dennis Crandall's Tablets   
Summary: Principal's Message Welcome to the AHHS Support for Student Success Website! I am honored and proud to be the principal of this fine high school. It is the people I work with that make this the “best job on earth”. The students, the faculty, and the Hanna staff bring me great joy each and every day. First of all, the students at Archbishop Hanna High School have my respect from the first day they enter the halls of our school. Each and every student has chosen to be here and made a commitment to making a better life for himself. When I first greet new students, I tell them, “This is the only school you will ever attend where your best is good enough.” If we can give these young men that kind of hope, their reading, writing, and math skills will improve and their self-confidence and attitude will reach new heights. It is a wonderful thing to observe. Secondly, the faculty and school staff teach here for one reason…the boys. Students at Archbishop Hanna High School know and expect the caring attitude and professionalism exhibited by our faculty. I love the camaraderie and team attitude we feel every day working together. “It’s all about the boys” is a phrase used often to describe the work we do. Lastly, the rest of the Hanna staff totally support the boys’ success at school. The students at our school are encouraged and supported by every member of every department at Hanna Boys Center. Archbishop Hanna High School is accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in grades 8 through 12. The Archbishop Hanna Mission Statement is written on the home page of this website. The Student Learning Expectations are listed in the About Us link. Read these important outcomes for our students. Our middle school program (grade 8) and high school program (grades 9 through 12) are guided by this Mission and these ISO’s (Integral Student Outcomes). The WCEA/WASC visiting team left us with this statement about our school: "Your dedication to these young men and your modeling of virtue is an outstanding statement of God’s loving presence among us. The Visiting Committee has been blessed watching you perform miracles". God Bless, Dennis Crandall