Hanna Wildfire 
Monday, Oct. 9: We first learned about the rapidly advancing wildfires in Santa Rosa and the Sonoma Valley. That morning we evacuated all boys and staff to Sonoma Valley High School for the day, and began contacting Hanna parents to pick up their sons. Remaining boys and staff returned to campus that evening.
Tuesday, Oct. 10: All remaining boys were picked up or sent home. Our last staff evacuated later that day due to proximity of fires and smoke density. By the end of the day, 2700 structures had been destroyed in Sonoma and Napa counties.
Wednesday, Oct 11 - Friday, Oct 13: Our campus remained closed, with key staff working from home. Most fires were still uncontained, but the closest active fires were about two miles from campus, so no immediate threat. We canceled our Golf Classic, one of our major fundraising events, which was scheduled to be held at Silverado Country Club on Friday. By the weekend, 5700 area structures had been destroyed and nearly 100,000 people displaced.
Tuesday, Oct 17: By the beginning of this week, fires were partially contained and air quality had returned to “moderate” status. Our staff returned to campus to assess any damage, begin clean-up efforts, and prepare our campus for the return of our boys.

Turning Hurt into Hope

While we’re stunned and saddened by the enormous loss of life and property among many of our neighbors and friends, we’re also taking a moment to express gratitude for the following:
·    At this point none of our staff or boys’ families have lost lives or homes, that we’re aware of.
·    Our campus is still intact with no fire or significant smoke damage, although we’ll be working over the next few days to replace air filters, remove spoiled food, clean surfaces and clothing, deodorize, etc.
·    The loving accommodation of Sonoma Valley High School last week inspired us to volunteer Hanna’s facilities to be used as a FEMA processing and resource site over the coming weeks.
·    The outpouring of support—donations, volunteered time, shared housing, etc.—by community members was truly overwhelming and inspiring. As one homemade sign aptly captured it: “The love in the air is thicker than the smoke.”
Thank you again for all you do for Hanna. Together we’re better!



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