Hanna Boys Center

Appropriate Attire Policy

There is a time honored tradition among human beings everywhere, that tradition is called "sanctuary". This means that there is a place that everyone agrees is off limits to violence, bullying, harm in any way to whom ever is in the sanctuary.

In order to be granted the protection and safety of a sacred place, you need to leave your weapons, drugs, language and inappropriate dress at the door-no exceptions. If you bring any of these articles inside the sanctuary, you endanger everyone else inside.

We believe each of you wants to be in a safe place. When you signed on your first day here at the Center, the promise was made that we would do our best to make sure you are in a safe place; we promised that Hanna Center would be a sanctuary for you. We count on each of you boys to do your part to ensure that we are a real sanctuary for every student.


We have developed clear, reasonable and consistant rules for being a sanctuary at Hanna Center. Among the guidelines are the following:

  • There is a dress code that is strictly enforced.
  • Gang language or whistling will not be tolerated.
  • Behavior that endangers the rest of the community in this sanctuary will not be tolerated.

This policy was developed to insure the safety and protect the instructional time of all Hanna students and is part of a larger positive and safe school and Center environment. Nothing which promotes drugs, alcohol, violence, gangs, racism, immoral ideas, profane or inappropriate ideas may be worn at any time.

 DRESS CODE - revised November 30th, 2016