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PE (see also Health)
Great sports websites

Birdhouse skateboards- Video clips and photos of "the Birdhouse Pros" (members of a sponsored skateboard team) comprise this site, which also includes biographical information and close ups of the wildly decorated skateboards

ESPN Sports Century- Check out the "best North American athletes of the century," classic sports moments and a photo gallery at this site. Also go to for teaching tools, classroom sugestions and ideas on how "sports can help you learn math and physics."

Olympic History- There are many wonderful visuals which follows the Olympic games from 1896 to 1996. Even if the more recent games are not represented, this is an excellent, attention grabbing resource, due to the depth of the visuals.

Play football- Visit the official NFL site for kids to see game highlights, get tips from the pros, access scores, ask questions, play online games and more. Check out, and for professionsl baseball, hockey and basketball.

Propelled by pedals- This student created "fun guide to bikes" site provides information on bicycle history, selection and safety. Also included are jokes, puzzles and poems

Science of Hockey- Users learn why ice is slippery, see how quickly they can stop a hockey puck and find out about high tech materials at this excellent San Francisco museum site that introduces the "science of hockey." Also, includes video clips and hands on experiments.

Snowlink JR- Investigate the world of snowboarding, alpine skiing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing at this site developed by the Snow Sports Industry of America. Video clips, online games, cartoons, safety tips and other fun options are included.

Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers- This online Smithsonian Institution sports exhibit is wonderful. Concise information, pictures, biographical tidbits, trivia and memory games are among the features. Includes a great list of resources.

SportQuest is a sport information resource center. Their mission it to enhance the education of all individuals involved in sport and fitness through quality information and learning services.

Body Mechanics

Anatomy Arcade
  makes basic human anatomy come ALIVE through awesome free flash games, interactives and videos.
  • Muscles - Poke a Muscle is an arcade game that helps teach basic human anatomy.
  • Anatomy - The Anatomy Bowl from the University of Minnesota
  • Skeleton - Whack a Bone will lead you toward an instinctive knowledge of the major bones of the body. Build up, scan and whack the arm, leg and core. When that has been perfected, scan the entire skeleton.