How are you paying for college?

There are many scholarship opportunities available to you.

you must first complete the FAFSA




FAFSA - Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, ensures that all eligible individuals can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school. They consistently champion the promise of post secondary education to all Americans —and its value to our society.

Chafee -  If you are or were in foster care and have financial need, you may qualify for up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college.

Whether you’re planning to go to college or pursue a career education, there’s money to help you pay for it.
Just because you may not qualify for one type of financial aid doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for other types.
Here are more options to explore.

Hanna Scholarship revised 

Scholarship Application

Guiding Principles for Hanna Scholarship

10,000 Degrees - 10,000 Degrees believes everyone should have a chance at college. They advocate for equal educational opportunity and support students in need to successfully access, pursue and complete higher education.  is a site that matches the information you enter in your profile to scholarship, college, job and internship opportunities. Open to students with or without legal status. You may use the information that provides to

apply for scholarships, discover prospective colleges, explore internship possibilities or learn about part-time jobs in your area.

The following information was provided by the book The "C" Students Guide to Scholarships

Must register to use website? -No
Description: College Scholarships is an awesome website that allows you to browse through specific and non-traditional categories of available scholarships.  No need to complete the complicated profile.  If you are a twin, click on the "Twins" link; if you parents are broke, click "Low-Income." You can also search by state, career of interest, etc.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: The College Answer is a subdivision of the Sallie Mae (Student Loan Marketing Association) website. After registering, you complete a fun profile about yourself that allows you to make multiple selections in a variety of categories.  With any luck, your favorite hobbies, clubs, etc. will be represented in their drop down menus.  After you submit your profile, you are matched up with a list of scholarships appropriate to your talents and interests.  The Results are assigned a percentage number on a scale of how applicable the offer is to your personal profile.  You can adjust the "Match Accuracy" bar higher to see only the listings best suited to you, or lower to view scholarships that you may be ineligible to win.  You can update your results list at any time by clicking the "Re-run Match" button in the side panel.

Must register to use website? -No
Description: Schoalrships4Students is a no-gimmicks website that gives you exactly what you are seeking-plenty of scholarships.  The offerings are presented by a series of top category links (example: Heritage Scholarships), followed by sub-category links (example: Armenian, Chicano, Chickasaw, etc.). The top level listings are always available in left menu on each page, which makes for easy navigation from one category to the next.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: At you will be asked to register, and then complete a fast, but thorough profile for yourself.  The system will match you to potential scholarships based on the boxes you click under a series of categories.  Your personalized database appears with the scholarships that expire the soonest listed at the top (just beneath the sponsored links), and then proceeds downward to the ones with later deadlines.  Click on the scholarship title to learn more details and be directed to the sponsor's website.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: FastWeb starts out slow as you create your initial profile.  You are asked very few questions about yourself; however, they want to know both your intended college major AND your future career choices, which are essentially the same thing.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: Scholarship Experts has the most extensive profile questionnaire on the market, plus a unique method for adding choices from their drop down menus. Carefully read all of the options provided.  If you don't click that you have never been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the system may assume that you have! Once you've received your listing of scholarship possibilities, you'll notice the "Apply Now" button next to each entry.  This link will either take you to the website of the scholarship's sponsor, or directly to the actual application.  In certain cases, your basic information might be automatically filled in for you.

Must register to use website? -No
Description: On Student Scholarship Search you do not need to register or sign-in in order to view their scholarship listings (although you have the option to do so).  This site seems to have fewer listings than most Internet scholarship searches.

Must register to use website? -Optional
Description: CollegeNET offers an amazing number of scholarship listings.  If it's offered, you are likely to find it here! You can search for the perfect scholarship either by entering a keyword or by creating a profile about yourself and requesting matches.  You are able to save the scholarships that interest you to a temporary list for further inspection. The many scholarships offered will appear in order of the highest award amount down to the lowest.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: The readily visible MyCollegeOptions scholarship listings are limited to the four very basic categories of Location, Major, Ethnicity, and Religion, but with an advanced search, you can add in test scores, a disability, and a keyword.  However, after several attempts, I was still unable to complete an advanced search that brought up even a single result! Basically, this is one of the worst scholarship resources out there, but other features of the website make it worth a visit.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: From the website: "Our mission is to catalog all of the $11 Billion in college-based merit aid available to make it easy for students to locate schools where they are eligible for scholarships." catalogs the monetary awards being offered by over 1,200 schools.  This website is an excellent resource to check out if you already know which school you plan to attend, or if you want to choose your college based on the number of private scholarships they offer to their students.

Must register to use website? -No
Description: Adventures in Education (AIE) offers several ways to find scholarships.  You can perform a "Quick Search" by entering a keyword or clicking on a category, you can create a profile for an advanced search, or you can simply browse their entire list of scholarships.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: is mainly a college search resource.  The website provides tools that will help you to make a list of the institutions of higher learning that interest you the most, connect, with them, and track your college applications. provides a planning tool for college visits and a place where you can view "Admission Trends" to see what kind of student is accepted at your school of choice.

Must register to use website? -Yes
Description: CollegeProwler touts itself as having the "The ONLY College guides Written By Students for Students." I'm not sure if they actually hold the monopoly on insider college reviews, but the website does have over 200,000 reports from students who were ready to share the secret specifics of the institution they attend.  You can read reviews anywhere from housing to the physical attractiveness of the student population.

Must register to use website? -No
Description: The FreSch! free scholarship search site is another resource for lists of available awards.  The profile that they ask you to fill out in order to match you to the right scholarships is short and simplistic.  Put in whatever information you want, because it really doesn't matter.  I signed up as a Belgian Male entering his freshman year of college, and near the top of my search results list I found SIX scholarships in a row that are only awarded to females.