President: Brian Huezo
Vice President: Cameron Hill
Secretary: Jesus Morales
Treasurer: Juan Contreras Hernandez
Spirit Leader: Dominic Harper

We meet almost every Wednesday during tutorial, If you have a issue or topic bring up!


We Discussed...

  • The termination and suspension rate on campus. Each case is different depending on what happened. The students having information that staff do not have and vise versa. 
  • Talking to the kids who want to come back to Hanna and talk to them about how they want to change. Also with new students, we need to talk to them and get to see how they want to act in the program. 
  • Have boys shadow other boys before coming to Hanna so they get a feel about how Hanna life is like. 
  • Creating a mentor program for the student body.
  • 2 minute passing periods is still being a problem. This cannot be changed due to the bell schedule and the amount of time we have in school.

  • We are meeting with Mr. Farragher to discuss the direction Hanna is going (On 2/3/16 at 2:05 - 2:30 in Rm.7). You are welcome to join the meeting. We would prefer if you have been part of the program for 2 years or longer. 

The student council met with Mr. Farragher and this is what we discussed...
We talked about the direction of how the program is going, but we mainly talked about the discipline system. The termination rate has increased but not as much as it was 2 years ago. 

This what Mr. Farragher had to say about the discipline.People who come here, come here for a reason. People just don’t change overnight. Kids come here because it's better than juvenile hall. People don’t change because they are punished, they change if they are supported. Punishing a kid doesn't always work to change a kid.

Then we asked another question.  If students do big things they don't get kicked out for it but when they do a small thing that's the final straw, then they get kicked out. You might also have to show discipline to get a message across. To this Mr. Farragher said; Everyone makes mistakes. But also a possibility the reason a kid does the same thing over and over again they might do it because they know there is no punishment. If there is not enough punishment, then maybe the kids that see this kid didn’t get in trouble then those kids can do the same. You need to talk to the kid not punish his scores right of way if he is having a bad day.