Goals of Campus Ministry

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Campus Ministry at Hanna Boys Center is rooted in Gospel values which upholds the dignity and unique giftedness of each member of its rich and vibrant diverse religious and ethnic community.  

The goals of campus ministry are to facilitate and encourage across campus the development of each person’s full potential according to their own spiritual tradition in a climate of trust, respect, joy, challenge, collaboration and celebration.  Boys and staff are provided opportunities for reflection, retreat, service and prayer which strives to foster the full development of each person spiritually, emotionally, physically and academically. The Campus ministry goals are informed and guided by the core values of Hanna Boys Center based on faith, education and caring. 

Core Values 


Hanna Boys Center is a faith-based community rooted in the Catholic tradition where belief in God is part of the everyday environment. We welcome all students and staff, both Catholic and non-Catholic, and encourage them to celebrate and embrace their own religious and spiritual traditions which will help them grow spiritually enabling them to contribute to an atmosphere of mutual respect and care within the Hanna community and beyond. We believe that religious and cultural diversity enriches the entire Hanna community. Students, staff, parents and guardians participate in the sacraments, including regularly scheduled Masses, weekly community prayer, retreats, community outreach and service. 


Education at Hanna Boys Center is person-centered.  It promotes the dignity, self-esteem and full development of each person who is made in God’s image and uniquely loved by God. Education at Hanna is inclusive.  It is respectful of, and engages with people of all beliefs; it encourages the religious development of all in their own faith.  


  • Treating every person with dignity, respect and caring 

  • Creating a therapeutic, healing community for youth and their families 

  • Providing individual, family, and group counseling to build self-esteem and empathy for others 

  • Maintaining a consistently safe environment 

  • Providing a lifelong connection with Hanna Boys Center