At AHHS we all agree to the following:

  • Respect yourself: Do only those things that will help you to achieve a successful and healthy future.
  • Respect others: Use the life skills and lifelong guidelines to work with other students and all adult staff members.
  • Respect property: Take care of your things and take care of those things which we share.

Responsibilities/Expectations of an Archbishop Hanna High School Student

  1. We want your BEST...Nothing More, Nothing Less
  2. Be Where You Are - students are expected to be in assigned classes (correct class period)
  3. Be on time to class
  4. Walk into the classroom in dress code
  5. Good transition (proper conduct) when moving from class to class
  6. Come to class prepared to learn with backpack, notebooks, books, planner, pens, pencils etc Turn in your homework when it's due
  7. Sleep in your bed-NOT in class
  8. Appropriate conduct and language at all times
  9. Show respect to your teacher, fellow students and visitors to the classroom
  10. Only go to the bathroom at designated times
  11. No portable technological devices (cell phone, Ipod, PSP, etc) at school
  12. Complete the daily work assigned in class-do not work on material from other classes
  13. Students are not allowed in the faculty lounge
  14. Organize your papers and assignments in your notebook and planner
  15. Make sure all of your work is neat and legible.
  16. Learn to ask for help when you need it.
  17. Work cooperatively when doing group work
  18. Bring your proper shoes to PE class